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What we offer:


A simple online-catalogue, where you can turn pages and zoom-in.

Online-catalogue with links

Your catalogue will have clickable links, to any webadress, your homepage, your e-mail or directly to your existing webshop!

Online-catalogue with your products in our webshop

We can offer you a complete solution with links and our webshop. Simply click on the desired product, add into the shopping cart and send an enquiry to your e-mail.

What to do:

All we need

is your product catalogue, broschure, newsletter or even a powerpoint presentation in PDF format in high quality (200-300 DPI) and links for your webshop, when you wish to have them

All you need

is your browser with flash-player installed. You will receive your catalogue as a weblink. No installation and no fancy solutions needed, your catalogue will always be just one click away.


Easy and intuitive navigation

just like browsing in a real paper catalogue.


and you’ll be able to see even the smallest details. example

Links to webpages

and/or directly to your webshop. If you don’t have one yet, you can store your pruducts in our webshop, which will be accessible directly from your catalogue.

Search function

your customer enters the keyword(s) he’s looking for (a product for example) and he instantly sees the pages where he can find it.

Bulit-in in your webpage

you can keep your catalogue on our server and you will receive only a weblink which you and your customers open in their browser. But your webmaster can also implement it into your webpage. It’s really easy and the catalogue still won’t occupy much space on your server.

Autoflip function

you can receive also a version of your catalogue, where the pages turn automatically and implement this for example into your e-mail signature. You will promote your catalogue with every e-mail sent.

Product enquiries

directly from your online-catalogue, if you use our webshop

Why not:

  • You don’t want to save 100% print and 100% postal costs, no matter if you send your catalogue 10x or 10.000x.
  • You don’t want to do something for the environment and save money.
  • You don’t want a modern web-solution for your catalogues, in high-resolution and with zoom-in.

Wow! And there is even more:

  • direct access to different chapters of your catalogue, colored and labeled, so that every customer finds what he needs... example
  • interface language, choose from 25 languages for the navigation interface and you can offer your catalogue also to foreign customers
  • personalisation: custom background, colors, loading animation, music… we can modify the very details of your catalogue, to make it unique so every customer will remember it
  • writing notes into your catalogue online
  • priting and saving the pages