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About us

Promocat is a company founded on a base of inovative and marketing purposes.

The main target and motto is to decrease the costs of marketing divisions and production of catalogues in specific. The technology that we support proved itself in Europe and even in the whole world. It guarantees a high level of saving costs while the effectivity is kept on a high level as well, because the cost saving beginns already in the stage of production and implementation of the electronic turning page catalogues.

Relative lower costs and time saving production of the electronic turningpage catalogues offers a guarateed high level of competitivnes in each branch. PROMOCAT is a company from the 21st century and therefore our working procedures and the technologies used are based on a high level of inovations, research and development.

The factors mentioned in the upper part reflect that PROMOCAT is concetrated on the environment wich becomes in the nowadays world of economics always more important.